Say Goodbye To Dry Skin

SOS I have dry skin and I don’t know how to relieve it!

Tightness, red patches, dull complexion, feelings of discomfort… We could do without all these little annoyances!
Fragile and sensitive at the same time, dry skin requires our greatest attention, especially in cold weather. Often uncomfortable, rough and irritated, it loses its beauty and radiance. 

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What is dry skin? How to take care of it?

A dry skin is a skin whose protective film is weakened. It is in fact the consequence of a drop in sebum and the alteration of the hydrolipidic film present on the surface of the skin, which causes the skin to become dehydrated. This lack of sebum associated with the loss of water creates dry, sensitive and easily irritated skin.

Il It is important to know that dry skin is particularly fragile. It reacts easily to external aggressions, most often caused by cold and pollution.

En règle générale, la peau sèche fait souvent l’objet de sensations désagréables de tiraillements ou de démangeaisons. Cette derAs a general rule, dry skin is often subject to unpleasant sensations of tightness or itching. The skin is sometimes scaly and rough, and can give a “crocodile skin” appearance or present imperfections such as redness.

Why do we have dry skin?

The causes of dry skin vary depending on the person. The main factors are the ambient climatic conditions (temperature variations, dry air, humidity…), heating in winter, exposure to wind and sun as well as pollution.

Age is also a cause of skin dryness. With time, the skin naturally becomes drier.

A miracle solution?

  • A gentle cleanser so as not to aggress the skin
  • Of course: apply a good moisturizer, morning and night (you can abuse the good things!)
  • You should also know that dry skin needs to be stimulated. Thus the use of a scrub once a week will allow to reconstitute the lipidic film of the skin while eliminating the dead cells.