Choosing the right serum for your needs is vital when it comes to optimizing your skincare routine. With their light texture, La Cure Beauté’s serums enhance the effects of the brand’s day and night creams, providing your skin with optimal hydration.

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    Say goodbye to dehydrated eye area with our Anti-Aging Eye Contour Elixir Serum. 

    Formulated with a powerful active ingredient to combat wrinkles and hyaluronic acid, this serum hydrates the eye area while smoothing the skin and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. With its fluid texture, it works to soothe any tightness around the eyes for a brighter, younger look. 

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 86%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · All skin types
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 15 ml
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    With its refreshing roll-on applicator, Eyelift Lifting Auto Correct Serum revives the eye area.  It rejuvenates and smooths the skin around the eyes, offering intense, continuous hydration.
    Suitable for all skin types, its formula includes 90% ingredients of natural origin and smooths the sensitive area around the eyes while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Your eyes look rested and lifted !

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 90%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · All skin types
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 15ml
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    We’ve created Moisture Booster Face Serum to provide your skin with all the moisture it needs and rebalance its water levels.

    Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Thermal Water from Salies-de-Béarn and Argan Oil this serum offers non-stop hydration for the ultimate boost! It smooths the first wrinkles, boosts radiance and hydrates for youthful-looking skin. This incredibly nourishing serum will become a firm favorite! 

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 95.4%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · All skin types
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 30ml
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    No more redness, tightness and irritation, the Prebiotic Balancing Essence contains prebiotics to rebalance the skin, protect it and restore its radiance.
    Specially designed for sensitive skin (we don’t forget you).

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · [acf field='product_description_naturality_percentage']
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · [acf field='product_description_skin_types']
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 30ml