• 49,00

    We have developed Aloe Vera Express Moisturizer for tight, dry and dehydrated skin.
    Its light, creamy texture is perfect for visibly moisturizing the skin. Its formula contains aloe vera and allantoin, which are known for their hydrating, soothing and softening properties.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 95%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · Normal to Dry Skin
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml
  • 39,00

    Sebum and impurities can clog pores, leading to oily skin. Our Black Thermal Face Mask helps to matify skin and absorb excess sebum, improving skin’s appearance and providing a refreshing sensation.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 83%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · All skin types
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml
  • 55,00

    Perfect skin is this way!
    To preserve the balance of sensitive skin, we have formulated Daily Defence Prebiotic Hydrator. This formula moisturizes your face, and reduces redness and tightness.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · [acf field='product_description_naturality_percentage']
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · [acf field='product_description_skin_types']
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml
  • 29,00

    Discover our purifying Exfoliating Clay Face Mask with its softly enveloping texture. A 2-in-1 treatment that refines skin texture while providing the comfort it needs. Your skin will be more beautiful and radiant!

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 84%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · All skin types
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml
  • 45,00

    With its refreshing roll-on applicator, the Eye Lift Serum revitalizes the eye area. Suitable for all skin types, it smoothes the delicate eye area while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Your eyes will look relaxed and lifted!

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 90%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · All skin types
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 15ml
  • 49,00

    Our skin faces various external aggressions daily, such as pollution and stress, which can affect its quality. To soothe and nourish it, we have created Grandma’s Beauty Cream.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 86%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · Normal to combination
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50 ml
  • 49,00

    Multi Benefit Cream Gel is an all-in-one cream-gel. Its fresh texture melts deliciously into the skin, leaving a pleasant “water veil” sensation. It’s the ultimate urban day care.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 97%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · All skin types
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 30ml
  • 52,00

    Introducing our new essential facial cream!
    This specially formulated rich cream improves your skin’s appearance overnight, leaving it visibly hydrated and firmer when you wake up.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 90.1%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · Normal to dry
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml