• Crème Défense Prébiotique, peau sèche - La Cure Beauté
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    The perfect skin is here!
    To give sensitive skin the balance it needs, we’ve designed  Daily Defence Prebiotic Cream. Its formula with prebiotics intensely moisturises your face and reduces tightness, redness 🥵 and irritation.

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    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml
  • Crème de jour
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    Every day, our skin is put under intense pressure: changing weather, pollution and stress all affect how our skin feels and looks. To protect and nourish it, we’ve created Grandma’s Beauty Cream, featuring a cocktail of Mediterranean ingredients ☀️.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 89.7%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · Normal to combination
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50 ml
  • Brume Thermale Hydra Energisante - La Cure Beauté
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    With its subtle rose scent, Hydra-Energizing Thermal Mist refreshes and hydrates the skin, tightens the pores and sets make-up ✨.
    It contains thermal water from Salies-de-Béarn, known for its hydrating and energizing properties. This powerful product is an essential: don’t leave home without it 👜!

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 93%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · All skin types
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 120ml
  • Crème de Nuit Anti-Âge - La Cure Beauté
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    Night Infusion Cream was created to regenerate your skin while you sleep 🌙 for a truly rejuvenated complexion.
    Made from 90.1% ingredients of natural origin, it contains Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax to tackle wrinkles, firm and replenish the skin.
    In the morning, the skin is smoothed and hydrated and looks visibly younger.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 90.1%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · Normal to dry
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml