• 49,00

    We’ve created Aloe Vera Express Moisturizer for tight, dry and dehydrated skin.
    Its formula contains organic aloe vera ? an ingredient which has long been used to rehydrate dry skin and smooth the features.
    Combined with thermal water from Salies-de-Béarn, Aloe Vera Express Moisturizer provides your skin with incredible hydration.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 95.5%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · Normal to combination
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml
  • 55,00

    The perfect skin is here!
    To give sensitive skin the balance it needs, we’ve designed  Daily Defence Prebiotic Cream. Its formula with prebiotics intensely moisturises your face and reduces tightness, redness and irritation.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · [acf field='product_description_naturality_percentage']
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · [acf field='product_description_skin_types']
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml
  • 49,00

    Multi Benefit Rose Cream Gel hydrates and detoxifies the skin for a flawless complexion in one easy step. It’s a real all-in-one for busy women!
    Immediately after application, the skin is hydrated, cleansed and radiant.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 95.7%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · Normal to dry
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 30ml
  • 49,00

    This is the ultimate ultra-nourishing day cream for parched and dehydrated skin.

    Formulated with royal jelly goji berry and nettle extract, it works to restore the skin: the first signs of aging disappear and wrinkles fade away.

    [acf field='product_description_naturality_title'] · 88.6%
    [acf field='product_description_skin_title'] · All skin types
    [acf field='product_description_ref_title'] · 50ml