l'eau thermale

Thermal water
The power of water born from the sea and rocks, for radiant, youthful skin. 

The mineral thermal water from Salies-de-Béarn was born from the meeting between the Aquitaine Basin and the sea, favoring the water’s high salt levels. When the Pyrenees appeared, it filtered into subterranean cracks and became charged with salt, magnesium, and other minerals. With a concentration of 300g of salt per liter, ten times more concentrated than sea water and more than the Dead Sea at its surface, the thermal water from Salies-de-Béarn is truly exceptional.

The origin of La Cure Beauté is the thermal water from Salies-de-Béarn, a true fountain of youth for spa enthusiasts. 

Rich in 26 trace elements, this water has anti-aging and purifying virtues. It reinforces the properties of our treatments and transforms them into elixirs of youth. 

In discovering the benefits of this water, Carole Barrot, an expert in natural and cosmetic ingredients, wanted women looking after their skin to benefit from this natural wonder. And so, naturally, she launched La Cure Beauté, a brand combining innovation, nature, and excellence