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The magic of nature
The magic of nature

Using La Cure Beauté products means using products with high levels of natural active ingredients.

Our skin is a living, breathing organ and you need to take care of it. It doesn’t need much: cleansing, moisturising and protecting are the 3 most important steps to healthy-looking skin. So there’s no need to use harmful chemical ingredients. La Cure Beauté has chosen to celebrate nature by choosing natural active ingredients with which to create its products.

Royal jelly: your best friend when it comes to beauty

This precious nectar, secreted by worker honeybees, is the only food the queen bee eats - helping her to live up to 40 times as long as her peers! It moisturises, rejuvenates the skin with its concentration of amino acids and eliminates signs of tiredness with the proteins it contains.

Hyaluronic acid: an unbeatable moisturiser!

Although its name sounds reminiscent of chemical, surgical procedures, nevertheless it’s a natural part of the skin which is essential to its firmness. Hyaluronic acid can attract and hold a huge quantity of water (up to 1000 times its weight!) which helps to intensively moisturise your skin.

Floral waters: our favourites

When it comes to beautiful skin, floral waters are nature’s treasure. They cleanse, brighten and tone your skin, without ever drying it out. We can’t resist rosewater which is ideal for gently brightening up the skin.

Aloe vera: the plant with plenty of beneficial effects

Aloe vera has endless benefits for your skin! It heals and nourishes the skin, protects it from ageing and helps to leave skin looking bright and feeling silky soft. Best of all? It suits all skin types, even sensitive and oily skins.

So, if you weren’t sure, there you have it: just a few reasons to use products with natural active ingredients.

Post on : déc. 29, 2017
Post in : Blog
Author : La Cure Beauté