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Want to take care of your skin this winter? Check out our advice!
Want to take care of your skin this winter? Check out our advice!

It is very important to take care of your skin in winter !

Cold weather affects the skin’s barrier, letting water escape much more easily. The air is drier and your skin is exposed to cold winds, synthetic clothes and too many hot baths and showers.


Our skin then shows signs of suffering, including redness, tightness and a feeling of discomfort, which means it's time to act!


Looking after your skin starts as soon as you wake up!


In the morning, we tend to begin our skincare routine by washing our faces with any water or micellar water we can find. But hard water from the tap can be too hard on the skin: it’s better to use thermal water which is much more gentle. A spritz of rosewater is also recommended!


Apply light, natural-looking make-up for the day ahead, using a BB cream which contains hydrating active ingredients, without leaving your skin looking shiny. Your make-up base is particularly important, all year round: it protects your skin before you apply make-up.


During the day, remember to stay hydrated even if you don’t feel particularly thirsty. Hydration starts on the inside! Our tip: make sure that you always have a little bottle of water on you; add fruit, cucumber and/or lemon slices for a deliciously detoxifying drink.


In the evening, spend 15 minutes pampering yourself.


You’ve come to the end of the day and you’re heading straight for a hot bath or shower. That’s not a good idea! Enjoy a warm bath or shower instead, before slipping into your favorite winter pajamas: the perfect start to your pampering routine.


Use a gentle cleanser to remove your make-up, rather than a harsh lotion containing alcohol. Apply a gentle mask twice a week, massaging it into your skin. We recommend Clay Exfoliating Face Mask by La Cure Beauté, with green clay.


A nutrient-rich cream is ideal for intense hydration; it will better penetrate your skin after a mask. La Cure Beauté’s Night Infusion contains thermal water, argan oil, beeswax and shea butter for incredibly soft skin.


The range also includes serums which can be applied for more protection from external factors. Serums can be lighter than creams; they contain just the right amounts of water and oils but won’t leave your skin looking shiny.

We recommend trying Moisture Booster Face Serum: ideal for rejuvenated skin.


What are your tips when it comes to tackling the cold?

Post on : nov. 14, 2018
Post in : Blog
Author : La Cure Beauté