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How to deal with maskne
How to deal with maskne

Maskne. Never heard of it? It’s a new phenomenon in the post-Covid world: mask + acne.

That’s right, constantly wearing a mask can cause a range of skin problems, including irritation, redness, sensitivity and dryness. The most common issues? Acne and excess sebum.


When worn all day long, masks create a warm and humid microclimate caused by the CO2 our bodies breathe out, adding to the existing heat. This exacerbates everyday skincare issues, whether that’s irritation for those with sensitive skin, unwanted shine for those with oily skin or pimples for those with acne-prone skin.


La Cure Beauté’s advice?

Kick things off with a double cleanse! In the evening, remove your make-up with a gentle make-up remover that suits your skin’s needs. Then use our Gentle Cleansing Foam, a gentle cleanser that’s suitable for all skin types and is made with olive oil and thermal water.

Moisturize your skin in the morning and the evening to protect it from irritation caused by wearing a mask. It’s up to you: which of our hydrating creams do you prefer?

During the day, do you feel hot underneath your mask? Does your skin look red? Apply our Hydra-Energizing Thermal Mist to your face to freshen up and hydrate your skin – and enjoy its gorgeous rose scent.

Mask off: mask on! Once or twice a week, try a different mask: apply our Hydrating Patch Mask, made with rose, pomegranate and thermal water. It provides intense hydration to soothe your skin after being exposed to environmental aggressors.

Speaking of water, use thermal water on your face. Tap water is much more chlorinated and is therefore much more aggressive. All our products are made with thermal water from Saliès-de-Béarn.

One last piece of advice: try not to wear too much make-up, particularly foundation, which can suffocate your skin, just like a mask! Focus on your eyes to help them stand out: that’s all you need to do!

Post on : oct. 6, 2020
Post in : Blog
Author : La Cure Beauté