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Our feel-good beauty routine
Our feel-good beauty routine

Summer is the perfect time to focus on self-care and make sure that you’re feeling great by the time you’re back at work in September!

Whether it’s a new beauty routine to take care of your skin, a fitness regime for your body or a new mantra, now is the time to become the best version of yourself!

La Cure Beauté is here to share its recommendations so that you can feel good all year round!


It’s all about the music! Open your favorite app, create a feel-good playlist and add your favorite motivating songs, no matter what year they were released! From the Spice Girls to Britney Spears, from Michael Jackson to Cyndi Lauper, choose the songs that always make you want to dance and sing and that are guaranteed to put you in a great mood as soon as you hear them. You can listen to this playlist when you’re in need of motivation, when you’re exercising or when you’re in need of a pick-me-up.


A good mantra! A phrase that inspires you, makes you smile, helps to put things in perspective: a few words you can repeat on a loop in the morning, before you get up to face the day. Every day, keep this phrase in the back of your mind while you focus on more important matters.


Treat yourself to a pampering session and feel beautiful! No, time spent in the bathroom isn’t meant to be torturous or a waste of time! You need to make sure that this time benefits your skin and boosts your mood! Light a deliciously scented candle, listen to some music you love or even watch your favorite series. Take the time to cleanse your skin with Gentle Cleansing Foam and moisturize with your favorite product! Once or twice a week, enjoy an extended session and apply Christian Breton’s Black Face Mask to cleanse your skin and the Eye Mask with rose extract for long-lasting hydration.


A healthy mind and a healthy body: yoga and meditation can help you be more tolerant and kinder to yourself. There are lots of apps that provide short sessions (5 to 15 mins, or longer if you’re keen!) during which you can relax and focus on your own well-being. The benefits of yoga and meditation include a significant decrease in stress and blood pressure, along with improved flexibility, memory and concentration. Give it a try: soon, you won’t be able to do without it!



Healthy recipes! Your body’s needs should dictate what you eat, depending on your daily physical activity, your nutritional needs, your allergies and much more besides. Eat a wide range of dishes, try recipes from all over the world and make your own meals as often as you can. It’s also important to go for regular blood tests to check for deficiencies or any other issues! In short: take care of your body on the inside and listen to what it’s telling you! P.S. Sorry, your body’s not telling you to eat pizza every night... ;)


You’ll also find the link to our article on detox water here.

Post on : oct. 6, 2020
Post in : Blog
Author : Elisabeth BATTISTON