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Detox Water
Detox Water

Our bodies produce metabolic waste throughout the year. This waste is produced every day in the course of the body’s myriad processes: these toxins are called endogenous. 

What’s more, our emotions and our environment (that can sometimes be beyond our control) are also sources of waste production. These are known as exogenous toxins, meaning that they are caused by external factors.

Although our bodies are designed to remove these toxins, they sometimes need a little help. La Cure Beauté’s natural solution: detox water!

What’s that? Made with still or sparkling water that’s infused with various ingredients of your choice (aromatic plants, fruit, vegetables, etc.), detox water is packed with health-enhancing antioxidants and vitamins!

The idea is to detoxify and purify your body from the inside to help you feel great. Although detox water isn’t designed to help you lose weight, it’s an ideal drink if you’re dieting or trying to eat more healthily. It’s often used after periods of excess (such as the holiday season) when our lifestyles aren’t as healthy as they could be and when our bodies struggle to remove these toxins.


During the summer, it’s important to drink a lot of water. If you’re not a fan of H2O, you’ll love the bespoke flavor of detox water! Of course, it’s important to choose the right ingredients to suit your needs: some are particularly recommended for the liver (rosemary, lemon and dandelion, for example), while others help flush out fat cells and tackle cellulite (artichoke and guarana, among others). In general, the ideal detox water should contain naturally sweet and spicy ingredients that are packed with antioxidants and vitamins and it should be served cold.


La Cure Beauté has come up with a simple recipe for a delicious drink to enjoy as you lie back and relax this summer!


For 1 liter of water:

-          ½ cucumber, sliced

-          2 lemons

-          As much grated ginger as you want

-          10 fresh mint leaves

 And for those of you with a sweet tooth: a small amount of brown sugar

Leave the ingredients to infuse for at least an hour in the fridge and then enjoy!


Post on : oct. 6, 2020
Post in : Blog
Author : La Cure Beauté