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Goodbye  dry skin
Goodbye dry skin

The skin becomes dry when it doesn’t have enough water. Dry skin is rough and less supple.


Even if you have normal to combination skin, areas of dry skin may appear from time to time. As the skin ages, it tends to become drier because the sebaceous glands that produce a thin protective layer of fat on the skin’s surface are less active. 

This greasy substance is called sebum. When too much is produced, sebum clogs pores and causes blackheads and small spots. This is often a problem for people with oily skin.


In addition to age, the dryness of your skin depends on many factors.


• Insufficient humidity, caused either by a cold and dry climate or by central heating. The drier the ambient air, the more moisture it absorbs from the skin. This is why the skin is often drier in winter.


• Using soap too often: this removes some of the protective layer of fat on the skin’s surface. The skin then loses its protective barrier and becomes drier and more sensitive.


• Exposure to wind and sun also dries out the skin.


Dry skin makes fine lines and wrinkles more visible. The skin can also suffer from dehydration lines. Good hydration is therefore key when it comes to preventing signs of aging.


To remain well hydrated, the skin needs a thin protective layer of fat on its surface; this fat slows down the evaporation of water.


When this natural protective film is damaged, the skin becomes dry because the water in the skin evaporates at an accelerated rate. Moisturizing creams and lotions work to recreate this protective barrier to help the skin to retain moisture, rather than providing a source of moisture themselves.


After years of research, Christian Breton’s laboratories have created the ultimate product for dry skin: Night Infusion Cream + Dry Skin. This special skincare for dry skin restores the skin’s protective barrier for soft, supple and hydrated skin throughout the day.

Post on : oct. 16, 2020
Post in : Blog
Author : La Cure Beauté