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Are you an adventurous traveler? We’ve got the must-have product for you this summer!
Are you an adventurous traveler? We’ve got the must-have product for you this summer!

Natural tips and tricks for backpackers!

The summer holidays are finally here! It’s time to set off for the sunny destinations we’ve been dreaming of all year and it’s time to enjoy an adventure.

Before you jet off, La Cure Beauté has done everything it can to help you pack your bags and travel light with environmentally friendly products to protect this planet that we all love so much!


A backpacker at heart, you’ve come up with plenty of plans for a backpacking holiday this summer, but a little voice inside your head is worried about the lack of space for all those oh-so-important beauty products.


Inspired by the idea of creating a convenient product for you, we’ve created a multi-function day cream which is so light to carry — ideal for taking on your travels!


The Multi Benefit Rose Cream Gel is a real all-in-one product for glowing skin all day long. You’ll want to have by your side at all times! As light as the morning dew, it cleanses and detoxifies the skin, for a refreshing feel which lasts all day. Argan oil gently moisturizes the skin while chamomile water protects it from all the external stresses you’re bound to encounter on your holidays, whether you’re in the city (pollution), the mountains or the countryside (windy weather which can irritate the skin, cold weather, sunshine and changes in temperature).


We love:

-       its fresh scent which lasts throughout the day,

-       its refreshing, invisible texture which sinks into the skin.


To find out more: see how to apply it by clicking here!

 Eye gel

And if you’ve got room in your suitcase, don’t forget to pack a tube of Anti Stress eye gel: the perfect addition to your beauty routine this summer!

Have a great time from everyone at La Cure Beauté!

Post on : juil. 13, 2018
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Author : La Cure Beauté