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Relaxing holidays with La Cure Beauté!
Relaxing holidays with La Cure Beauté!

Take care of yourself and enjoy you cure beaute this summer!

After an action-packed year and the gradual build-up of stress which goes with it, we’ve got one thing on our minds: unwinding this summer.

We’re all dreaming of some serious rest and relaxation. So turn off your mobile phone and grab that yoga mat: it’s all about meditation and well-being.

Wherever you are this summer, make sure that you find yourself somewhere welcoming with plenty of positive energy: close your eyes and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! That’s what La Cure Beauté’s all about.


Whenever I want to spend some time pampering myself, I apply a detoxifying mask which removes all of my skin’s imperfections, boosting my confidence in just a few minutes!


face mask detox

La Cure Beauté recommends its Black Thermal Face Mask which combines pure clay and aloe vera to get rid of impurities, reduce excess sebum and tighten pores for healthy, clean, hydrated skin.

The best thing about this mask is how gentle it is on the skin: like all La Cure Beauté’s products, it’s designed to work gently to remove impurities, leaving skin looking healthy and rejuvenated.

So this summer, enjoy spending 10 to 15 minutes on your beauty regime. This product can be used 1 to 3 times a week.

Enjoy smooth, radiant skin with the Black Thermal Face Mask; then enhance and prolong the pleasure of your beauty regime by applying a lightweight and soothing moisturizing product which sinks in quickly for incredibly soft skin.

To see our advice on applying products and beauty regimes, visit our product pages:

-          Black Thermal Face Mask

-          Deep Hydration Rose Face Cream

The team at La Cure Beauté hopes you’ll have a deliciously relaxed and relaxing summer!

Post on : juil. 23, 2018
Post in : Blog
Author : La Cure Beauté