Maskne : how to fight against pimples ?

Maskne. This word means nothing to you? It is part of the post-Covid vocabulary, it is the contraction of mask and acne.

Yes, many of us suffer from skin problems due to the omnipresent mask in our lives today: irritation, redness, sensitivity or dryness. But what occurs most is acne or excess sebum.

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Indeed, the mask against our skin all day long creates a hot and humid microclimate due to our breathing, the CO2 rejected by our body, all added to the summer heat. These elements increase the worries that our skin already faces on a daily basis: for sensitive skin, irritation; for oily skin, unwanted shine and for acne-prone skin, pimples.

La Cure Beauté’s tip to fight against pimples

A double cleansing to start! In the evening, remove your makeup with a gentle makeup remover adapted to your needs to fight against pimples. You can use our Gentle Cleansing Foam adapted to all skin types, formulated with Olive Oil and Eau-Thermale.

During the day, do you suffer from heat under the mask? Redness? The Hydra-Energizing Thermal Mist, applied to the face, will offer you a fresh, moisturizing blow with a pleasant rose scent.

You should then remember to moisturize your skin in the morning and evening to protect it from mask irritation. It’s up to you to choose our moisturizing face cream!

One last piece of advice: limit makeup, especially foundation, which suffocates your skin in addition to the mask! A nice makeup on the eyes, which will stand out all the more and the trick is done!

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